About Us

Clive and Anne have known each other for many years before they decided to make there relationship more permanent.   So on the 12th February 1992 they decided to take the plunge and get married.   As they have both been married before, and both had children from their previous marriages.   Anne had Andrea, and Clive had Liza and Allan, they decided that they would have dogs together.
Wedding Day

Anne in 1965 got her first dog which was a Dalmatian, then in 1967 got herself a Great Dane, which she fell in love with.   She loved the breed so much Ann decided to concentrate on the one breed.   Clive had also been a breeder of Great Danes since 1963 so it was like a match made in heaven.

There interest in Great Danes grew so much that in 1967 Anne started showing, then in 1975 started judging.   Clive did not get the bug for showing until 1980 and followed Anne into judging in 1984.   They both now award CC’s in Great Danes.

In 1990 Clive gave Anne a gift of a Bulldog bitch, they called her Gertrude.   They were both so taken by the breed they decided to start showing, breeding and judging them also.

Because they have a love of all breeds of dogs Anne’s daughter wanted to show in her own right, so in 1987 Anne got Andrea a Giant Schnauzer.   And now all three show, judge and breed them.   Anne and Clive mainly judge the Working-Pastoral-Utility breeds.

Anne and Clive at their dog kennels LOUARNE, over the years have produced many top winning, quality stock.   They have produced champions, quite a lot of CC. winners and many top awards at open show levels.   At present they have 3 Great Danes, 1 Giant Schnauzer, and 12 Bulldogs.  They also have a breeding cattery for Bengal’s.   They provide a dog and cat matting service for many types of breeds.   And are able to provide an efficient swab fertilisation programme for breeding bitches at there kennels.

One of our Great Danes is SCHMEICHEL from Coronation Street, which they own and train.   They also train and supply a variety of breeds to Film, T.V advertising and location work that is done throughout the U.K.

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Anne is the secretary of Ashton-under-Lyne District Kennel Association, and Clive is the Chairman, they have held these positions for the past 8 years.   They run and organise a weekly ringcraft, which helps the members with there training for future exhibitors at the club and further a field.  

Neither of them has very much time left for anything else, but when time does permit.   Anne collects antique dog ornaments and Clive enjoys old and rare dog books.    They are both registered Foster Carers for a local children’s association.